February 2019

There are many types of yoga that exists, believe it or not. When you say yoga, people would thing that it’s a particular set of movements for this one type of physical movement. This articles will guide your through a few famous types of yoga that is being instructed and followed by many people around the world even at private yoga classes based.


This is the most general category of yoga and it includes almost all the movements and styles. This is a very ancient type of yoga that uses asanas and pranayama that will allow the body and mind to be ready for meditation, which is more of a deeper and spiritual practice. The word hatha has been used quite broadly, which might confuse you a little bit. Nevertheless, it is a very much more relaxed and gentle style that will allow a beginner to get used to hold the poses. You will find that this type of yoga is being taught at centres for Brisbane yoga.


Vinyasa is another term that describes another style of yoga. This type of yoga focuses on the movement and the breath together by being very vigorous by doing many sun salutations. Vinyasa yoga is also known as flow class because there is a continuous movement and flow from one yoga position to the next.


This is one of the more modern types of yoga that was introduced by Sri K Pattabhi Jois. If you join an ashtanga lecture you will be moving through many ashtanga movements non stop and the breathing will be encourage when you are moving from one pose to another. For each series there is a certain number of asanas that needs to be done in a set pattern and in that particulat order. This type of yoga is vigorous, fast paced and very challenging for the body. There are six series all together and it will only get difficult as you continue from the first to the last.


Power yoga describes a type of yoga, which is vigorous and used vinyasa asanas. However, it has originated from ashtanga also the advantage is that you do not have to follow the same sets in the exact sequence that you are being taught it. This allows the instructor to have more freedom as to what he or she will be instructing you as well.


This type of yoga is very consistence because wherever you go in the world; you will come across the same twenty-six asanas and the two breathing techniques that have been taught for bikram yoga. This type of yoga will help detoxify any toxins and also help manage weight. There are many more types of yoga that is available and focuses on different aspects as well.